With all the recent work in Scheduler to deal with passing clouds (e.g. weather safe/unsafe/safe), I just wanted to say how well the logic works in ACP when guiding fails due to clouds for "a while" without killing the run. The other night, my Plan called for sitting on one target for about 5 hours before moving on to a 2nd target. After about 2 hours of clear imaging, I had a bank of totally unforecast clouds roll in for about 1.5 hours. ACP kept on imaging my target unguided (actually it was just taking images of cloud cover). The cloud bank finally moved on and ACP restarted guiding and the rest of the night progressed perfectly. Instead of 2 hours, then done, I got 2 hours of images, 1.5 hours of throwaway images, then 5.5 more hours of images until the Plan came to an end as scheduled. (I actually went to bed with the cloud cover still in place.) Of course, a by-product of doing it this way is the timing for all the objects in the Plan stays the same since ACP keeps on imaging like there's nothing wrong - except no guiding.

As you are working on ACP 7.0, I hope you leave this particular logic in AcquireImages.js untouched - because it works GREAT!