I have mindlessly been using threaded mode here on the Comm center forever. I just prefer it to see who responds to which messages. But I found that the Tapatalk and ForumRunner apps don't even support this mode. That made me think... Am I in the tiny minority? Am I imposing my will on you all by setting the default forum mode to Threaded?

if you wouldn't mind, please play with the display modes. Try each one for a while (days or more). While reading a thread (like now) look for a Display control along the top right of the thread display. That's where you can change the mode for your current session. After you've tried it, let me know via the poll that's connected to this thread. You can use whatever mode you want anyway, making it a permanent choice in your user settings.I am interested in what to set for the forum default. Remember that the more casual/infrequent users of the Comm Center are the ones that will be affected.