Hi Bob,

I hope you'll understand that I don't want to release another Planner for a while...
No problem. I didn't mean to imply that I thought it was necessary to make any changes. Just being able to see how Planner is doing some of the calculations is enough for me. That allows me to make adjustments to the Preferences data as required to get the accuracy I'd prefer.

BTW, the reason it's "nice" to be pretty accurate for the kind of imaging I do is when the 2nd target of the night is the "primary" target. Often I'll "fill in" imaging a secondary target before the primary one gets high enough in the sky. The more accurate I am with the timings, the better. Over-estimate the amount of time in Planner and I end up wasting imaging time because the #waituntil is later than it needs to be; under-estimating the amount of time causes the primary target to start later than desired and may cause problems with dawn flats. Having said that, this is where the much talked about "#imageuntil" directive would be most useful (to me). Scheduler is probably way over-kill for my situation.

Thanks for the info/data.