Hi Bob,

It's probably been a long time since you've thought about this. Is there some document that shows how Planner goes about calculating the elapsed times as you add targets?

Some specific questions:

1) Should Imager D/L times include plate-solving time?
(I think the answer is yes.)

2) Does Planner automatically include the time for 2 pointing exposures when there's an autofocus?
(I don't think so.)

3) Does guider settle time get included after each exposure?
(I think so. Or, perhaps it's more complicated - e.g. included after each exposure if internal guider and included only for 1st exposure if external guider.)

4) When does the guider startup time get used? Just for the first image or is it included after each autofocus as well?
(I think only once for each target.)

5) Does Planner deal with AFInterval - e.g. if AFInterval = 60 and there's 6 hours of imaging, does it automatically include the time for 6 autofocuses?
(I'm hoping so, but I really don't know.)

6) Does Planner ever deal with the time required for a GEM flip and subsequent pointing exposure?
(I don't think so.)

7) Does Planner add filter switch time before/after each autofocus?
(I don't think so. Would only be applicable sometimes anyway.)

Just knowing how Planner goes about these calculations will allow us to be more precise with our Preferences setup - and hence, Plan times.

Thanks in advance.