What I would like to do is have ACP focus through each filter individually...so, run FM for the L, R, G, B filters. I did try the offsets and the associated script, even after several tries, that didn't go so well so thought focusing through each filter may be worth a try. Question is how to do this. In looking at filterinfo.txt, my thinking is thus:

0,0,0 (this will have no offset, focus through the L filter, and point update through the L filter)
0,1,0 (this has no offset, will focus through the R filter, point through L)
0,2,0 (no offset, focus through G filter, point with L)
0,3,0 (no offset, focus through B filter, point with L)

Question is, will this do what I want it to do (L=0, R=1 and so on)? I run an Autofocus command before a filter change.

Thanks for any help...