Hi Folks

I'm having a little difficulty getting a guide star onto the guider chip using SNP's FOVI and my rotator. I would be grateful if someone could confirm that I'm approaching this correctly. MY FOVI, rotator etc are all set up and working ok, but I may not be transferring the correct cordinates to ACP planner.

Once I centre the guide star in the SN's FOVI,I right click and then click on "Add current FOV/Gaze to ACP". This writes the PA and cordinates into the ACP Plan. I'm assuming the coordinates are the chart centre coordinates that are required to centre the guide star-is this correct?

Also,in Bob's video on using the rotator with SN, there is an information pane on the top left of the screen that displays the chart centre coordinates etc. This is in addition to the target data shown when you right click the mouse.This is not visible to me and I can't seem to find how to display this information.Again ,your help on how to display this info would be appreciated

Many Thanks