Hi Bob,

Since upgrading to the latest The Sky Controlled Telescope driver - 5.2.7 for TheSky X and TheSky 5/6 - we've experienced problems when students, using Share your Sky to access the telescope remotely, abort an image. We originally updated to the latest driver to test the possibility of upgrading to TheSkyX for our two robotic telescopes, however we've since reverted back to TheSky6 after experiencing too many problems (TheSkyX is just a little too bleeding edge for us right now).

I know there is another thread on this matter both here and at the Software Bisque forum, however this is plainly occurring for us using TheSky6 to drive the telescope, and has only started to happen recently since installing TheSkyX for testing, and the required TheSky controlled telescope driver - 5.2.7 (i.e., they are the only things that have changed). Previous to this, aborting slews did not cause ACP to disconnect and shut down, and as you may know "SPIRIT" has been operational and in constant use since mid 2010.

I'd like your advice on what we should / can do to get 'back' to the previous condition. Is it feasible (or even desirable) to install the previous TheSky Controlled Telescope driver? Or is another course of action more prudent. The situation is dire - we obviously do not want ACP shutting down every time a student aborts an image.

Hope you can help,