While you're on the phone with Doug on Monday.

I've been experiencing some MaxDome II issues too, many which seem to arise part way through a perfectly normal run.

They have proven very difficult to trouble shoot, probably not the fault of ACP but the problems are real, and seem to manifest themselves only when using ACP and Scheduler. One in particular is quite repeatable, and seems to involve the way that ACP interacts with the MaxDome II driver on startup.

The sequence goes something like this:

I start the observatory, connect the telescope (Paramount ME), the dome automatically homes (as per my check box selection in preferences) and then out of the blue get a yellow flashing Dome light.

I park the telescope, the dome then correctly parks - also as per checkbox selection in preferences - and then everything disconnects as expected.

Now - here's the very interesting bit. If I then start Automadome, connect, home, open and close and then park the dome, something 'wakes up' the MaxDome / ASCOM interface. Why, because now if I go back through the ACP sequence everything comes up fine.

For some reason ACP - through the ASCOM Maxdome II driver, whatever - is not able to initialise the dome correctly everytime, however the MaxDome II plugin via Automadome is.

To make things worse, this problem is slightly intermittent, but the ACP start up is more temperamental. If I always perform a connection through Automadome first, the dome will be fine in ACP. But if I don't, ACP will often throw a yellow Dome error (which I suspect is related to shutter state - as opening and closing in Automadome seems to reset things in the MaxDome ASCOM driver).

I'm using MaxDome II, the latest firmware for MaxDome II downloaded and flashed last week, AND this is a brand new Windows 7, ACP Hotfix4 install. Latest ASCOM build etc. Everything straight out of the box, current, and brand new.

I do not suffer from any wireless issues between the two MaxDome cards - this has been rigorously tested.

Hope this is useful for you / Doug.