It seems that BlissfullySimple has decided to start working with the WYSIWYG editor. Very odd. I have made numerous changes to the look and feel of both BlissfullySimple and BlueFox (only the fluid ones), most notably replacing the thread status icons with some new ones I found that are much better. I changed the "new messages" ones to have a bright yellow checkmark so it's really obvious which forums and threads have new messages. I still can't tell which messages in the thread tree are new, that's my next task.

One of the reasons I have shied away from offering a light colored theme is the use of yellow highlighting. Well this new version has new bbCode tags for highlighting. [highlight]This is a test[/highlight] becomes This is a test in this style. If you change to vbDefault, a light color style, you'll see the highlighted text just fine, with a "yellow highlighter" background. Cool!!

So if we all start using the [highlight] bbCode instead of [color=yellow] then our highlighted text can be read by people using light styles. I plan to add a nice light style soon.

PS: I used the "noparse" bbCode to let you see the bbCode for highlighting above. Another nice new feature. The more I learn the happier I am with this.