Bob: Once I get the autofocuser working (hopefully first-thing this evening), I want to send a script to ACP through the browser as follows:

1) Open dome
2) Chill camera
3) Begin observing object 1 at XX:XX time
4) Add objects 2-10
5) Shut down at end of run
6) Let's assume I'm not using Scheduler yet. I'm not planning to look at Scheduler until I get comfortable with ACP and Planner.

In preferences, I've unchecked to box "Disable timing features." I see how to startup and shutdown, and set the timing for each object.

Here's my question. If you are imaging 10 objects (for purposes of this test, 120 seconds each, B&W), do you need to add a start time for each of those objects? Or, if you set the time for the first object, do you need start times for those objects, or will they just run after the first object has been completed?