I kind of liked the BlissfullySimple style when I first bought it. But it has some serious problems. I've fixed a few, but it's really time-consuming as I'm wading through an enormous pile of PHP code written by others and I'm not even a PHP programmer.

I've been using the Blue Fox style for a couple of days and it seems to be working fine. Would you all be OK with Blue Fox as the default at least in the short term? I don't like the forum and message icons as it's not obvious which threads have unread messages (that little checkbox doesn't do it for me). I can change those icons easily.

PS: You can select the style for your current session with a selector box way down at the bottom. You can select your preferred style in your account settings ("Settings" along the top on the right), My Settings section, My Account, General Settings, down toward the bottom Miscellaneous Options, Forum Skin (whew!!).