I started an Administrator CMD window, changed directory to C:\Program Files\ACP Obs Control\Scripts and entered cScript //D acquireimages.js and immediately got "Prefs" undefined error. Easily entered the debugger and it showed the code and this line: var InitPUDone = !Prefs.PointingUpdates.Enabled;
Right, that script is designed to be run in ACP's script host, which populates its namespace with ACP's intrinsic objects. You cannot run ACP scripts under the Windows script host. I advised you to use cscript only to check out whether you could get to the debugger in a way that excluded ACP and the possibilities that it has bugs that prevent it from working with debuggers (it doesn't :-)).

Now that you know you have a script debugger that works, do all of your work in ACP. For starters, all ACP scripts have a function main() that is called. So:

function main()
    Console.PrintLine("Hello Howard");
        Console.PrintLine("Connect the scope please>");
Run this in ACP, not with cscript.