Hello --

The major upgrade to the Comm Center has left us with a few problems. We're working on them. The main one is that no one's pictures/avatars are showing. We have decided to use the Blissfully Simple theme (after a false start with the Blue Fox), but for some reason avatars are disabled. These themes are complicated, but the vendor does provide support (we have almost $100 invested in experiments with new themes, ugh). also I am working on the empty box in the upper right area. The edit area changes colors when you click out of it. Annoying but not a big deal. The colors in your post will match those while you are editing.

This is a huge job, so please be patient while I multiplex this with talking care of support issues. It will be worth it. Maybe you already noticed the auto-save feature working, and the fact that Chrome users now have a full WYSIWYG editor.