Hi Bob,

I'm at the point where I'm starting to test the use of TheSkyX instead of TheSky6 for the Paramounts used here at UWA, and I'm running both side by side until I'm comfortable to make a permanent switch.

Initially attempting to connect to "TheSky controlled telescope" would open TheSky6, even if I had TheSkyX running and connected to the mount.

I've since read the "working with TheSky" blurb at ASCOM-Standards.org, regarding the need to start TheSkyX once as 'administrator' - which I've done. However, still no joy. The ASCOM chooser is still looking for TheSky6.

Any thoughts? I must admit to still being on ASCOM 5.5 on this particular machine, though i've tried current v6 on a different telescope and the same problem exists.