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    Default Davis weather station and AAG

    Hi Bob,
    I am configuring a Davis Weather Station and an AAG Cloudwatcher for unsafe weather conditions. Right now I have the AAG in the ACP Weather server object ID. In the ACP WeatherFeed there is an entry for an External Server. I am sure this is where input for the Davis Station goes but am unsure of the input. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    ACP has one Weather server input. There is a server out there called Weather Watcher that ties the Boltwood and the Davis (via the Ambient Virtual Weather Station software) into a single ACP weather input. It is called Weather Watcher

    I'm sorry I don;t know of a way to combine AAG and Davis into an ACP weather input.
    -- Bob

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    Hello James,

    I might be wrong, but what I understood from the discussion (please see the yahoo-group: ) was, that the entry "external Server" in the AAG_ACPWeatherFeed.Weather is meant to be only for AAGWares' Weather Centre/ WeatherCenter software.

    Having said this, there was a discussion on the yahoo-group of Lunatico that the AAGCloudWatcher Software can provide an output similar to the output of the Boltwood.

    This way you would be able to use the software Bob mentioned to provide the Davis' weather data and data from the AAG CloudWatcher.

    As I said, imight be wrong so please consider joining the yahoo-group and ask the question there.



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    Hi, have you ever come up with an economical integrative solution here? I have the same combination of equipment: ACP; AAG CloudWatcher/WeatherCenter; Davis VP2.....



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