I use either my ST10 with LRGBHa filters or the STL-11000 with LRGBHa filters but the difference being the location for each filter wheel. The ST10 has a CFW8 which has 5 filter slots populated as R,G,B,L,Ha and the STL-11000 has 8 filter slots where the filters are positioned as R, G, B, none, L, none, and Ha for balance.

I know that Planner has a place where you list the filters as installed in MaxIm but is Planner looking for position slot # when calling for a filter change or filter name? Looking at the plans themselves it appears as if it is name only. If name is used I don't see the issue with where the filter is listed as long as the names are the same in Planner and MaxIm and that the luminance filter is maybe in the proper slot.

Point being is that I've probably made plans without changing the slot locations in Planner although properly listed in MaxIm and I have seen any issue with my LRGB imaging using the wrong filters. Being that Planner on my office computer has the filters listed as for the ST10, creating plans, and using the STL-11000 to image that plan. Seems if the names are correct the proper filter is used. Is this correct or have I just been lucky? As I said, the filters are listed in MaxIm correctly.