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    Default Automated Run Ends Early

    Using my home observatory last night to image and woke up with an unexpected error that shut ACP down early. The only thing I have seen in the past and it's always been at the end of an imaging session is the Foster Systems Dome driver may have shut down unexpectedly but it hasn't affected the imaging itself as it seems only to not close the roof at the end of a plan that has the shut down observatory at end of plan directive. This morning however it failed at 4:01am, 2.5 hours before the plan was scheduled to end. When I looked at the observatory computer (Windows 7 Pro 64 bit), MaxIm was saying it was still downloading an image and it appeared that the AO-L was still trying to guide although it was 9 am and very light outside. Strange thing is that MaxIm can't guide using the STL-11000 with built-in guide chip and AO-L during downloads. So the mystery remains as to the root cause. The log is attached but you only need to look at the very end to see the reported problem. I only mention the roof driver issue as a point of what I have seen in the past but don't think this is the issue as there was no call for the roof to close (roll off roof, not dome). Along with it's past behavior not interfering with the imaging itself. This computer has been running ACP successfully since December 12, 2011 doing 11 nights of imaging and no issue till now.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated as always.
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