Trying to figure out he last integration issue with my system. I replaced my PC with a new Windows 7 64bit environment. I'm doing a fresh install from the ground up. I have a Home Dome with Digital Dome Works, a Meade LX200R and assorted cameras. The only issue remaining is getting ACP to work with the dome. I can connect to the dome just fine from the DDW control program. I got the latest ascom driver from Jerry a few days ago. When I configure ACP to control the dome, it will connect to the scope and then fail, giving a long winded error message about trying to connect to the dome but failing. It goes on to say that it might be the serial to USB converter and that I should install a card with a serial port. However, everything works fine with DDWCP.

Anyone else able to get ACP 6.0 to work with DDW using Ascom 6.0?