I posted a similar message on the MaxIm DL Forum.

I've begun having a problem opening files in MaxIm v5 (5.0.6). I'm running Windows 7, and MaxIm is installed in the Program Files (x86) directory. This trouble has begun recently, sometime after this past Tuesday. I know I wasn't having this problem on Tuesday.

When I (try to) open a .fts file (single or a group of files) using File/Open, an error box with the title "MaxIm DL Pro 5" pops up, containing the message

"Could not open file "C:\Users\...\filename.fts [6]"

I'm certain this is not directly an issue with MaxIm. It's very likely to be an issue with a huge slew of Microsoft updates I installed yesterday. Have others had this problem yet (if so, do you know what's going on}?

This problem does not occur for the same version of MaxIm I'm running on Windows XP.

In any case, does someone know what the code [6] signifies?

Thanks for anyone's help.