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    Default AP 3600 Parking fails from ASCOM client (was: Acp & Ap3600)

    We are working on an installation in CT where the mount is an AP3600GTO with the optional ELS controls for home and limit switches. The mount is carrying three telescopes: a 12.5" OGS RC, TAK TOA-150, and TAK FSQ-106. Cameras are mounted on the TOA-150 and the 12.5" RC. This is just for configuration information.

    There seems to be an issue when using the console where the mount will slew to a desired position using the "Sync or Slew" button or so it seems, this is being done during the day, and then told to park the mount. At this point the mount starts in the right direction and then seems to freeze, waits a while and then moves again. It never goes to the park position or the other scenario and it continues as if it is going to collide with the pier where power is then terminated to the mount. The same thing except done by using the hand controller works as expected. As there is no plan being used or script run there is no log of events. At this point ACP appears to be locked up and can only be terminated using the Task Manager. It seems that maybe ACP is waiting for some additional input but I have no idea what. I can say that the AP driver (5.00.04b26) log shows what I think is normal up until power is terminated. It then shows low power and continues to try to poll the mount. I don't think this is a communication error but I also don't have a clue what may be happening. I am getting this information from the owner and am not connected when these events happen.

    I have posted on the AP forum but really am beginning to believe this is an ACP issue. Any thoughts and suggestions very much welcomed. I have posted a driver log from this afternoon. Are any of the debugging settings in ACP helpful to turn on as this is not from an executed plan or script? Is there some sort of test script that might help troubleshoot this problem?

    For the record this is ACP version 6 HF4 applied. The AP hand controller is connected but set to external so ACP is initializing the mount and syncing to the corrected PC time.
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