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    Default Automatic Dithering checkbox in ACP Planner

    I am using ACP planner to prepare plans for ACP web interface. However, I found the images are not dithered, even though I checked 'Automatic dithering' in 'Image Defaults' box in the Preference and the 'Add New Target' dialog box. I opened the txt file of the plan and found the

    #dither 0 ; Disable dithering

    was written instead of

    #dither ;

    On the other hand, if I use the web interface to set up a Single Object Color Series, the images are dithered.

    Did I missed anything in the setting?

    Thanks for your help.

    Patrick Lau
    Hong Kong

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    Sorry I was too tired to missed the #dither ; Automatic dithering line right after the #waituntil line.

    For the undithered images, it may also be my own fault. Anyway, I will pay more attention to all the settings before starting the plan.



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