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    Default setting Slewing tracking limits in ACp with PME & Focus max

    Iam testing the final components, then I plan to get ACP.
    if someone could ask the following:
    -what is the best method to set slewing /tracking limits in acp using a paramount me? need to avoid the OAG hit the pier..
    -can acp work with maxim autofocusing routine? I am failing at having focus max to work using Vista and ascom 6.

    Many thanks,

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    There is a "tilt-up limit" in ACP, but to be truly safe the limits should be sea in TheSky for the Paramount also!

    ACP cannot work with MaxIm autofocus. Post a request for help in the FocusMax forum here, or even better in the FMax_UG group on Yahoo!. Before that, however, you'll really need the latest version of FocusMax ( that you get from the FMax_UG group in its files section. There have been fixes for Vista/Win7 in these later editions of FocusMax.

    ASCOM 6 is definitely NOT the problem!
    -- Bob



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