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    Default Import Plan Still Messed Up

    I recall this from maybe a year ago but have encountered it again with the most current version of Planner. I write a plan with timing enabled asking for (an example)
    10 images repeated once, then follow that with (also example) maybe 5 images also repeated once. Plan generates and runs fine.

    Then, the next night I want to reload that plan into planner to modify it slightly (many reasons, like the moon coming up earlier or later or expected clouds or more darks needed or whatever)
    and when it loads I get instead one image repeated 10 times. This, in turn, often causes a timing error message to pop up and it will not load the second part of the plan into planner
    (probably because of the delays for focus and filter etc.) as it says "New target starts before end of [first target]".

    It looks like when the plan is being saved it puts "repeat" where "number" (aka "count") should be and vice-versa. If I manually swap those quantities in a text editor the plan loads into planner as it was
    written the previous night.

    Is this my mistake? Please explain why it does this. Maybe I am simple minded but it seems to me that "repeat" in the planner should equal "#repeat" in the text plan, not "#count"
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