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    I've finished the first full (non-Beta) release of ACP Log Analyzer

    Anybody who's interested can download the installer from here:

    I can't thank Jim McMillan enough for helping me out with testing, suggestions and analyzing what's going on and highlighting my misconceptions in a number of areas.

    I hope it's useful from time to time for my fellow ACP'ers

    Best wishes


    p.s. Todd: I implemented your excellent guider failure suggestion. So you now get info like the following report snippet (you can turn the feature on/off, and also turn on/off the detail breakdown):

    Report Summary
    Total number of ACP logs parsed: 172
    Total number of unique targets: 52
    Total number of images taken: 1155
    Overall runtime breakdown:
      Runtime: 2d 7h 46m
      Imaging time: 1d 19h 21m
      Wait time: 0d 0h 0m
      Observatory overhead: 0d 12h 25m
      Imaging as % of runtime (ex waits): 78%
    Average FWHM: 4.02 arcsecs
     Total guider failures: 10
        20110716@233316.log (m 27) at 22:41:11
        20110108@182344.log (m 74) at 18:52:43
        20101025@175929.log (ngc 6811) at 18:02:53
        20101024@185008.log (ngc 6819) at 19:25:23
        20101017@190716.log (cocoon nebula) at 19:34:52
        20101011@194514.log (ngc 7082) at 19:47:35
    Log: 20101006@212806.log
    Start date: 06/10/2010 21:28:06
    Log runtime breakdown:
      Runtime: 0d 0h 35m
      Imaging time: 0d 0h 30m
      Wait time: 0d 0h 0m
      Observatory overhead: 0d 0h 5m
      Imaging as % of runtime (ex waits): 86%
    Targets: 1
      Target name: ngc 6853 
      Average FWHM: 3.77 arcsecs
      Average Pointing Error: 
        Object slews: 0.99 arcmins
        Center slews: 0.78 arcmins
      Successful auto-focus runs: 0
      Successful plate solves: 7
      Completed exposures: 6
     Guider failures: 2
        Failed at 21:46:16
        Failed at 21:57:52
      Total imaging time on target: 0h 30m 0s 
        2 x 300 secs Red @ bin 2
        2 x 300 secs Green @ bin 2
        2 x 300 secs Blue @ bin 2
    Russell Archer
    LX200 ACF 12in, SXVR-H9, SX AO-LF, SX Lodestar, SX FW

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    I can say even without the new feature, the log analyser is a great tool. Thanks for developing it. Still being new to ACP I'm always finding new things or capabilities all the time. Community involvement makes a world of difference also. Trying to break things or the learning items down into managable chucks has been key for my progress. One stage at a time I say. I'm only now looking at the logs and may starting imaging sessions and learning what new things I have to address. So you application is timely!




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