Hi everyone

I've been playing around over the last week or so writing a simple 'analyzer' for ACP logs.

The idea is simple: point the app at a bunch of logs (or even a single log) and it provides a summary of your ACP-based activities for the period covered by the logs.
For example, it can tell you what your average pointing error is when slewing to objects, what your avergage FWHM is, how many plate solves failed, how many times an auto-focus run succeeded/failed, etc.

Jim McMillan has been helping me with additional logs, testing, and with suggestions for improvements.

Right now I'd say the app is "in Beta", meaning that it seems to work OK as far as I can tell.
There are still some improvements and additions to be made, however, I wanted to make it available to the wider ACP community to see if it was of any interest.

The app ('ACP Log Analyzer') is a stand-alone .NET-based .exe (i.e. it's not an ACP script or add-on in the true sense).

If you're interested in taking a look, the installer can be downloaded from here: