Hi all,

Here's a link to the new version of my SmartTrack utility which integrates with the pointing model in ACP.


This addon utility for ACP uses the pointing model generated for your mount to enhance its tracking accuracy as well as its pointing accuracy, allowing longer unguided exposures to be achieved, useful for imaging in the field where setting up an extra guide scope is troublesome.
SmartTrackACP will automatically compensate for all of the error parameters modeled by the pointing engine in ACP, including polar misalignment, RA/Dec bias, axes misalignment and tube/mount flexure. It will also correct for the changing atmospheric refraction if you have enabled that in ACP.

I've been running it all evening and it's working great - it copes fine with stopping one ACP plan and switching to another. It only needs starting at the beginning of the session and can be left going indefinitely.

The neat feature where ACP adds extra points to the model automatically as exposures are taken through the night means that the tracking should become even more accurate over time.