I'm wondering if any one has written a script that uses pinpoint to:
  1. plate solve
  2. read in a text file that has V, C and K stars with ra dec, mag, aavso chart #
  3. sit out a aavso report using the data from step 2 using pinpoint fluxes
  4. maybe a configable file for aperture r1, r2,r3, observer etc

Just looking for an easier way to measure a bunch of single target images than opening up aip4win/maximDL everything.

Something like, I have a list of variables in Cam and Cas, I take single images every night. I have a txt file in the respectful dirs for the images that has the V,C,K,mags,aavso chart#. Run a vbs script in that dir on the image(s) and it spits out a aavso report based on pinpoint flux and the data from the config file.

There's gotta be an easier way that loading each individual image in Aip4win, picking the V,C and K stars and getting the report. Since pinpoint knows the astrometric solution to the plate and I pass it the ra and dec of what I want it should give something close to a reasonable mag?

Just curious....