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    Default Which ACP Licence do I need?

    Hi Bob,

    I want to control my Obs etc via my iphone (useful when at work and the sky is clear!), which ACP licence do I need?

    Also, I already have Pinpoint, although I believe the current licence has expired, of course though, I can still use it, I assume there would be no ACP upgrade option?

    Best wishes,

    Barry Morton
    Worcester - UK

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    Barry --

    You need the Personal Internet license. You will get full credit for your purchase of PinPoint in the past, even though it may have been a long time. Also, your support and upgrades will be renewed for a year on everything. PinPoint is included in ACP so don't run any PinPoint stand-alone installers, just download and install ACP!

    4th item down.
    -- Bob

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    Thanks Bob.




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