Hi Bob,

Not a major issue but...

Now that one can no longer edit a constant in AcquireImages.js to always do a final plate-solve, can you add a checkbox in ACP Planner for this? Otherwise, one will need to always edit a Plan to manually add #alwayssolve.

The reason it is important to always plate-solve is for the case where one sits on one target for a number of hours (astroimaging). If there is a passing cloud that causes one (or perhaps more) images to be unsolvable, once the clouds clear, ACP won't try to plate-solve while still on that target. The likelihood is that by this time it will no longer be centered, so all subsequent images of that target are probably unusable.

The previous process only required manually editing AcquireImages.js once - when a new version came out. Now, it requires manually adding an entry into every plan. A checkbox in ACP Planner would fix this.