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    Smile Adding auto calibrate align and stack to plan

    So I want to add automatic calibration, align and stack in that order by frame type LRBG H for instance. I saw in the reading materials the command to do some of this but its not clear WHERE in the plan I should insert the commands to do this stuff? So here are my questions

    Can I issue a one line command to do all three things?
    What would that one line look like?
    Where in the plan should I put the command IF I HAVE more than one target per session? After at the end of each targets iinstructions ????
    If I can't put a compound command then what are the individual commands and where should I put them in the plan?

    I must say the quality of my images is light years from where it was thanks to ACP and its ability to handle wierd angles with autoguiding, focus max control and so on


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    Hi Peter,

    There are two ways to invoke calibration. You can set the ACP Preferences (Imaging tab) and that will ensure that every image is calibrated throughout the entire evening, or you can use the #CALIBRATE directive in a plan. Note the caution below, however.

    There is also a #STACKALIGN directive that is used in a plan to stack like images. You can read about directives in the help file. Briefly, from the help file:

    "[#STACKALIGN] combines repeated images within one filter group and aligns images into a single image. Individual images used in the stack are preserved. File names will have STACK in place of the repeat number. Use this for all stare-mode image sets. The stacked image is saved in IEEE floating-point FITS format to preserve the dynamic range."

    NOTE: that #CALIBRATE and #STACKALIGN act only on the next target after which they appear, so if you want to do this for many targets, you will have to have these directives in front of each target.

    For example:

    #FILTER Red,Blue,Green
    #INTERVAL 10, 6, 4
    #COUNT 12, 15, 13
    M 64 ; the target

    This will produce a stacked image for each of Red, Blue and Green images.

    As I mentioned above, if other targets follow and you want to do the same thing, you have to essentially repeat the above lines for each target.
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