I posted this over in the non ACP section but it may relate to ACP/ASCOM since I am seeing symptoms there.

Post and link to other thread, feel free to post a reply there.


Just built a new PC and am unable to get the RCOS TCC (II) to connect. No help at all on the RCOS forum. I have the same setup on another PC and it works fine with the SAME OS, the SAME versions of the TCC SW, but now I get an "Unable to open RCOS Com object" message when I try to start the TCC SW (the SW fails to start). No hardware changes to the TCC have been made and the Edgeport it connects through is working fine with the Paramount and the roof controls.

Also FYI, RCOS TCC does not show up as a choice in any of the ASCOM programs. Probably but not definitely related. Sounds like it did not install correctly but I used the same files and procedure (at least as far as I can remember from the older PC).


Thread: http://forums.dc3.com/showthread.php?t=5446