Hi All,

I've got everything working from within ACP just nicely apart from the Guider. I can guide indefinitely from within Maxim, with smooth tracking. When I try a guided exposure from ACP the guider settles nicely to within 1 pixel, but when the exposure starts Maxim reports 'star faded' and guiding fails.

I have noticed a couple of 'star faded' cautions when guiding from Maxim alone, but it's one or two iterations at the most and guiding doesn't fail completely.

I'm using an ST-7 'Classic' with CFW-8, all over parallel. All of the guider settings in ACP are default, and I'm trying to guide in a dense star field with 15-20 stars visible in the initial exposure. I've made sure the camera isn't changing filters when the exposure starts, although there does seem to be a 'pause' in the guide camera when the exposure starts.

My understanding is that ACP simply calls the tracking routine from Maxim, so I'm confused as to why the guider behaves differently with ACP in charge. I'd be grateful for any hints/tips/advice that anyone could offer!