Bob, Russel,
Very clear, many thanks.
Just to confirm, the start up phase must be done launching the console.
Then I could almost work Only using the web browser.
My remote site is 250 km away, I will need to keep acp "always on".
at the planned time acp commands the power switch to power up the mount, ccd, unpark mount and home, unpark home and open shutter dome.
After that we enter in the imaging session, slewing, focusing, guide, take frames.
At the end , the initial condition is re-established thanks to a shutdown script.
Is that a process that could work in real life?
If yes, I suppose I'd need to write new startup and shutdown scrpts.

Are there any other standard/ widly adopted processes to manage a remote-unattended observatory using acp?

I am still assembling the different parts and hope to start working with sw in one month from now.
Many thanks again,