Hey John,

NetMon can certainly see packets that go between the router and any of the devices on the LAN and the WAN. And it can also filter on HTTP GETs and the like, so it has the capability in tabular form to see what I'm looking for. Graphing the table data is not part of the suite of its tools (as far as I can tell yet).

WireShark looks interesting, but I've only gotten as far as seeing that it can capture packets back and forth from the local node. It looks like capturing traffic on a remote computer is possible, but it requires installing wnpcap (whatever it's called) on each node which is cumbersome. There is a graphing tool in the package. It looks like it's only possible to capture traffic only between two nodes at a time.

My strategy up to now has been to disable each node individually (via MAC authentication) and sequentially at the router, to see how traffic and throughput changes, but that raises lots of screams from my three teenagers, as in "Daddy, there's something wrong with the Internet!!!!"

My router is a Westell 7500. Its diagnostic tools are pretty feeble.

Thanks for your help and comments.