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    Default #sets

    Importing plan Visit each star one image repeat 30 times.txt...
    #sets is not compatible with Planner.
    NOTE: Errors are often due to the differences between your
    current observatory profile (preferences) and those
    that were in effect when this plan was generated by
    Planner. You may also have edited the plan after it
    was generated and those changes are incompatible with
    Planner or your current profile (preferences).
    When I entered #sets at the beginning of my script I get the above Message. How do I use sets and make it work?
    Marlin Costello

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    Marlin --

    Unfortunately Planner doesn't import #sets from a plan you generated, then added #sets to, then tried to import back into Planner. But it will work OK in ACP to actually to the overall loop through the plan.
    -- Bob



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