Hi Robert,

Thank you for providing your horizon file. Indeed this looks A LOT easier that the format used by TheSky 6!

I tried using 180 points (since your file is for every 2 degrees), but that didn't work. SkyX crashed when it tried to access that file.
That would not work with TheSky 6 either . Even TheSky6 wants 360 Points, the HorizonEditor simply "doubles" the 2-Degree Values...

The first line I assume describes the Dec limits, with two values of 90.00 separated by a pipe "|". I haven't played with these values.
I think this is important! For TheSky 6, the first Line is used for a description.

Note: the line endings are such that Notepad looks funny (lines are run together) but vi shows the lines correctly.
Thanks for te information. Fiddling with the format of The Sky 6 i expected something funny. ...

I have attached my copy of the file so you can see how many characters are in each field; I have not tested different sized fields.
OK, so for the 360 data-points it looks like there are 10 characters each line, beginning with Space (chr(32)) and ending with a LF (chr(10)).

But the intersting thing would be to know what the first line is about.
Could you test and design a horizon in TheSkyX and send me the result?

Thanks in advance