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    Lightbulb ACP Horizon Editor - New Version Released (V1.15)

    Hi all,

    i am happy to announce my latest Version of

    ACP Horizon Editor.

    Because ACP changed the ActiveX- Interfaces in Version 6.0 the code has to be revised. I also revised the Helpfile.

    ACP Horizon Editor
    is a 32-bit Application but should run also on a 64-bit System.

    Actually it has been tested with Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit
    It also works on Machines with Win XP SP2 and Win XP SP3.

    Looking at the support-notes from Microsoft, some ActiveX-Components are not shipped with their OS anymore so i provide the MSFLXGRD.OCX.

    See the helpfile for information how to install a missing ActiveX-Component on your system.

    To install just unzip the files into one folder and run the ACPHorizonEditor_V115.exe.

    Last but not least a small hint: I added an option to make a donation, please make use of it

    Use at your own risk and....have fun!

    feedback is welcome..


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