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    Default TheSkyX format

    Ah - I assumed you had tested with SkyX since it was listed on the window.

    The format for theSkyX is straightforward - it is a text file, similar to the text file you already produce.

    - The first line I assume describes the Dec limits, with two values of 90.00 separated by a pipe "|". I haven't played with these values.

    - second line is 360, indicating there will be 360 points following. I tried using 180 points (since your file is for every 2 degrees), but that didn't work. SkyX crashed when it tried to access that file.

    - 360 points with the altitude at each point.

    Note: the line endings are such that Notepad looks funny (lines are run together) but vi shows the lines correctly.

    I have attached my copy of the file so you can see how many characters are in each field; I have not tested different sized fields.

    Robert Brewington
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