I'm having issue in bringing up the web browser after connecting mount and cameras; when you hit 'use web browser' ACP stops responding and appears to be caught in a loop, firefox opens but stays stuck waiting for localhost. After forcing to end program I'm getting the following:

Runtime error -2147023174 (800706ba)
The RCP server is unavailable

Now, I can connect the scope, then hit 'use web browser' wait about 10-15 seconds until the web browser shows up, and connect to the maxim in firefox, but when you reload, the same thing happens waiting for localhost. Sometimes I can shut down the browser and restart it and then all the settings from maxim show up and it works.

I have searched and found several things for this error and checked out my system, however, its all appears to be correctly setup and services running. So I am at a loss at this point on what to do.

I have turned firewall off as well, and I have no AV software on this computer.

This is my imaging laptop that I recently upgraded with Win7 x64 (SP1) using a SSD (holy cow, worth the $$). It is fresh install. Now I did not have this problem in simulator mode from a couple of weeks age, but last night I was setting up the cameras and filter wheel and testing it out, and thats when I ran into trouble.