I have started having a problem with focusing.

I have the lastest Focusmax and ACP.

There are two, possibly related, issues.

First, right now, it's insisting on focusing on a double star. Then, Focusmax isn't doing a good job at focusing on that star.

Second, even if it's not glomming onto a double star, it goes through its sequence, and declares victory, even though it's about ten off (on the robofocus numbering system).

I'm imaging with an FSQ106.

When I tell it to go to a mag 5 or mag 6 star, it generally get it right, with focus better than 2.0 half flux diameter (often around 6 when left to its own devices).

I am not a computer guy; "script" to me is a way of writing that's not printing.

What can I do to trouble-shoot this, and solve it?