The following has happened twice that I know of. Last night was the latest:-

Pointing error is 0.214 arcmin @ angle 30.87
Image FWHM is 3.9 arcsec (2.60 pixels)
True focal length is 160.5 cm.
True image center (J2000): 15h 52m 48.6s 40 38' 09.80"
Imager sky position angle is 54.0 deg.
Image FWHM is 3.9 arcsec (2.60 pixels)
Within max error tolerance, no recenter needed
(turning tracking off for safety)
== Requested observatory shutdown ==
Parking scope.
**Script Error**
Source: ACP
Message: The script was aborted. at line 1771 column 13.

The plan requested shutdown, yet the telescope tracking was turned off for safety BEFORE the Shutdown at the end of the plan? It appears that the telescope would then not park when requested to.

I have not had time yet to do the script failed script and then park as we discussed a few weeks ago (too busy in work) so the dome closed at sunrise with the light sensor. So all ok and safe.

Any reason why the above would happen. A shutdown never used to do this? Has there been a change to the Shutdown script that I have missed?

I must get around to the script failed bit soon as that would have trapped this issue and parked anyway.