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    There are two ways:

    The Easy Way

    In the Planner, there is an area in Preferences where you provide the domain name, username, password for your account on your observatory (see attached). Once you have that info filled in, click Test and if it's OK, the popup shown on the left appears. You need to this only once.

    Now, whenever you save a plan locally, after that it will ask you if you want it uploaded to the observatory. I extra click and it's there, ready to run via Multiple Objects/Plan in the web user interface.

    The Hard Way

    After saving the plan locally, use the My Documents, Observing Plans part of the web user interface to upload the plan to the observatory. Requires hunting for the plan locally and some clicks to upload it.

    Either way, contact is via the web protocol HTTP, so there is no difference between a LAN and a WAN unless the WAN is behind a NAT firewall. In that case the domain/IP would be the "inside" IP address (commonly 192.168.?.?) for the LAN and the public IP of the NAT firewall for the WAN. The firewall must map Port 80 to that observatory mmachine. See the SHare Your SKy section of ACP Help.
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