I don't currently have the sky so I can't validate what I'm trying to understand.

In the video's when using the The Sky, you select a target, grab the coordinates, then need to shift in time for the next target before capturing that targets coordinates.

My question becomes does ACP planner sky capture actually grab the supposed telescope coordinates at that time and convert them back to RA/DEC or does it actually capture those RA/DEC at that time?

Reason for asking is in the sticky note on the sky you have the following stated:
Capture from telescope coordinates has been removed. It was not practical to support with TheSky X. Also, since Planner is designed as an offline tool with ACP, it makes little sense to capture targets from the live telescope position anyway.

I'm trying to evaluate if would go the The Sky route or Starry Night Sky route. If I have to shift the target into the right sky quadrant with the sky to get right target location for planner then doesn't make much sense to me to go with the Sky. I think this is the point in your sticky note statement.