No that sticky relates to capturing from the TELESCOPE coordinates (with a connected telescope). Normally you use TheSky and StarryNight somewhere other than in the observatory so you won't even have a telescope! The RA/Dec of an object does not change with time, by the way (well, except for a solar system body like an asteroid or planet).

I know the videos are confusing. I don't know how to make them easier for people who have no hands-on time. I have learned that the timing features are really confusing to some people, so later versions of Planner have that turned off by default. What's confusing to me is why it's confusing to others, when time determines where in the sky something is... but what the heck, I'm probably too close to it.

The process with StarryNight is much smoother because there is no need for the PlanCapture applet. It's directly integrated. StarryNight Pro has a somewhat strange user interface on Windows because it's a Mac program that was cross-platformed to Windows. I still like it, but then I also like TheSky X.