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    Default System Swap Utility

    OK, here is my first attempt at a script to save and restore system configurations in ACP.

    The idea is that I have several "systems", which are combinations of Maxim/FocusMax/ACP settings. For example, I have

    - Production system (Tak Sky90, SBig camera, LazyFocus Focuser) for wide field imaging.

    - second Production system (Canon camera, C11 OTA, Optec focuser) for narrow field imaging.

    - Guide Focusing system - the Guide camera is set up as the main imager, so I can run FocusMax for the guide camera.

    - Simulator system - everything is running simulators.

    Previously, switching among the setups resulted in lots of settings changes in ACP, Maxim, and FocusMax. Then, I forget what I changed when I go back.

    Now, I save the system settings for each configuration. Then, I can quickly restore the desired system when I need to switch over.

    The script and documentation can be downloaded from the attached file.

    The little writeup also describes installation - there are a couple of settings you may need to change in the top of the script.

    Note - when a system is restored, ACP is exited, so you will need to restart ACP. This allows ACP to pick up its registry changes.

    See what you think!

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