Here at Astrokolkhoz I've passed a new milestone in temperature compensated least on the first test rig.

Tuesday night I ran FocusMax at the start of my data collection run - focused on a bright star. (The software chose the star, moved to it, focused, and then went about collecting data...automatically. All I did was mash the go button.) For the rest of the night that scope used temperature compensation to move the focuser. Stars stayed in decent focus for the next 10 hours.

Wednesday afternoon - I disabled focusing. The rig ran all night with zero focus runs. Stars stayed in decent focus all night. Only temperature compensation was used.

Thursday night? Same song.

One focus run...three nights of decent data. Not too shabby.

Let's see how long I can keep this ball rolling.

Tom Krajci
Cloudcroft, NM

PS. I don't frequent this forum much. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at
t o m underscore k r a j c i at t u l a r o s a dot n e t