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    Default 500 ACP Active server page error

    I am evaluating ACP on a WVista System.

    I am getting the following error:

    500 ACPActive server page error
    ASP script errorfrom ThinScript.ActiveScript: The resource loader cache doesn't have loaded MUI entry..

    this happens when for example, after getting coordinates from the catalogue I try to acquire a single image.

    I've found only a couple of thread on this subject, and tried to deactivate UAC and change the decimal delimiter.

    ACP was installed with UAC deactivated: if UAC is left deactivated I still get the error and a number of application( MAxim included) loose the license data.
    changing the decimal delimiter doesn't work either: the only result seems the Scopedomedriver to be fooled in some part (division by zero...). strange , if I use "US regional profile" (dot delimiter included) the scopedome driver error disappear...
    but again, the main error is still there.

    I hope you can help me in addressing this issue.
    Many thanks,

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    Andrea --

    This indicates that the Windows Script system (part of the Windows OS) is not working right. MUI means "Multilingual User Interface". I don't know how to diagnose your specific situation, but I did find what seems like a good Microsoft article on this:

    at the bottom of this long article is a posted comment with a download link for language packs:

    Perhaps this will help finding what is missing of partially installed on that system.
    -- Bob

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    Thank you Bob,
    this is a good starting point.
    many thanks,



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