I have a question for you regarding your PinPoint software. My
intention is to use this software as a sort of "Digital
Finderscope" if you will. In essence my intention is to use it
to accurately point to an object in order to frame it in the FOV
of my sensor in a repeatable night after night fashion.
I am currently using Maxim DSLR with a Canon 50D. The folks at
Maxim have told me I would have to convert to color or bayer 2x2
in order to make it work properly. I had also asked some
questions about their MaxPoint software, so I think my question
might have been confusing. I don't need a mount modeling
software, I just want to be able to introduce a repeatable
process for framing my object.
Will your software be compatible for my intended operation and
will it work with Maxim DSLR and a Canon 50D?
I thank you in advance for your response.