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    Default Modifying LX200GPS Driver

    I'm about to tempt fate....... I obtained an old copy of VB 6 and opened up the Meade Driver VB Project and found the RECIEVE_TIMEOUT constant set to 5 seconds. I'm going to set it to 10 seconds. Can anyone think why I souldn't? The commence next to the value is "Needed for Ray Gralak's PEM Pro" Since I don't use PEM Pro anymore I am thinking I can change with value but don't want to break ACP's link to the scope.

    I am hoping this will allow ACP to once again communicate with my Meade LX200GPS on startup.

    I compiled it to what appears to default to an .exe file (MeadeLX200GPS Driver.exe). I was anticipating a .dll file. Is this the same file located in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ASCOM\Telescope directory? ie all I need to do is replace the same file in the just mentioned directory?

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    It is an EXE because it exposes both a Telescope and a Focuser driver, and different programs may want to use the focuser versus the telescope. Thus, it needs to be a separate EXE to which multiple programs can connect.

    Also, I seem to recall that there is a separate and much longer delay at startup for the GPS.
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    There are some very long delays (25-260 seconds) in the RebootGPS class module but since the auto start timeout error occurs in less than 15 seconds, I doubt the code is being executed before the timeout occurs.

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