I have a 10" LX200 ACF and use both ACP and Maxim DL to control the scope in my roll off roof observatory. I am not a newbie but not vastly expereinced only in the last year or so have I had the time to really get to use my equipment. Two weeks ago I sent my scope back to my UK seller [who runs a service centre for Meade equipment] because my scope was behaving erratically. After 18 months of trouble free operation it started to stop and start during target slews and over longish distances it might happen two or three times before finally arriving at its destination [Both RA and DEC]. It had become stuck on an unintended temporary obstruction during one slew some weeks ago which required me to shut it down and it seemed OK after that but within a day or so it stated to slew erratically. Also on occassion uing the handbox the same problem occurs its almost like the keys stop working momentarily. Every factory test they can think of has been run on the scope and they cannot find anything wrong with it - all the encoder measurements are apparently spot on. They have suggested the problem might be coming from ACP or Maxim DL and suggested I ask for help in case you may have any ideas. I am using ACP with Hotfix 11 and Maxim DL 5.12 and both have been great. The scope parks and unparks fine although the parking is also now stop start but it finally gets there. The scope is still with the service centre at the moment.